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Building a stable online income

“ Why get started on E-Commerce ? ”

E-Sales Mastery Academy Tested and Proven
Formula to have a Stable Online Income.


Don’t just take our word for it.

Hear it from our Ex-students


Made Daily Sales in Less Than 1 Week After Class

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Made Sales Even During Holidays

“ Guide me to my first dollar online! ”

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Dear frustrated Singaporeans,

When you first see this page, you must be thinking,
“Sure a not ? E-commerce really can earn meh?”

Our reply to you is,
Yes, and those figures you see are just the beginning.

Before we go on, let us first do a quick introduction about us…

Sherilyn Chong - Master Trainer

My name is Sherilyn Chong, Principal Trainer at E-Sales Mastery Academy and I’m proficient at utilizing eBay, Amazon and Shopify for my eCommerce Venture.

Over the past 10 years, I have been exploring multiple online income opportunities and up till date, I have found nothing that comes close to my eCommerce ventures in terms of ROI (Returns on Investment) or scalability.

Starting from a young age of 14, I have been selling stuffs on the internet. I have personally been through the pain of setting up retail outlets, renting stalls, sourcing for overseas vendors and also taking up multiple courses online. It took me years and lots of hard work to finally figure out what WORKS right here, in Singapore.
With my tested and proven models, I have taught more than 100 students, with a high success rate of 99.99% seeing returns, some even as EARLY as within the 1st hour of set up. Unlike many other “guru trainers”, I am a practitioner and am making a “reasonable” and consistent income just investing an hour or two a day.

Gabriel Seah - From Student to Trainer

My name is Gabriel Seah, Shopify & eBay Specialist at E-Sales Mastery Academy.

I am one of Sherilyn’s pioneering student from her eBay class. I took up a huge interest in E-Commerce ever since then as it has proven to be a reliable source of income for me. With Sherilyn’s help, I then ventured into Shopify shortly after. I proceed to spend hours analysing the perfect way to drive quality traffic into my online store, alongside with spending a ton of money in application testing and store optimisation.

With the knowledge and experience I’ve acquired, I took in private students around the world and results didn’t disappoint me nor the students. In fact, one of my student even went on to achieve a low 5 figure sales/day, exceeding my personal record. Now, having join the ranks of E-Sales Mastery Academy, I hope to impact more Singaporeans to start investing in themselves for an alternate source of income.

Andreas Loh - The Right Hand Man

My name is Andreas Loh, eBay and Amazon Specialist at E-Sales Mastery Academy.

Having shared the same journey with Sherilyn for the last 5 years, I am responsible for the automation of the online businesses. Be it sourcing for automation software, hiring the perfect VA or even streamlining the business model process, you name it and it is my job to make the automation of your eCommerce business as simplified as possible.

I specialize in perfecting the eCommerce business for a market place platform and had been handling private students from E-Sales Mastery Academy with difficulty learning during class setup. Sales and results followed suit with our tested and proven model. Now, with the new company direction to impact and help as many Singaporeans as we can, I’m dedicated to help achieve your digital income goal in the quickest time possible.

Why are we doing this

  • E-Commerce is a Multi Trillion Pie that everyone can get a share on
  • A Day job salary would be insufficient to lead a COMFORTABLE life in Singapore
  • To build a closely knitted family of digital income earners in Singapore

Here’s more PROOF that you can hear from our students yourself…

Students in their focus group encouraging
each other with sales

Regular sales number in a matter of weeks

100% of our past students made money with our proven method

Jan – Apr is the lull period for E-Commerce. But nothing stopping our warriors !

Sale within 12 hours after class ends

We Want To Reach Out To You

With your permission ..

I’d like to show you how you too, can be part of this Tested and Proven E-commerce System and generate a stable online income for you and your family.

Here’s my big bold
promise to you

We are so confident in our system that we would provide you a money back guarantee if you followed our steps and guidance and fail to earn any money from this system in 30 days.

Note: This is not a get rich quick scheme and we would like to dismiss any ideas of that in you if you ever thought of that. All of our students put in adequate effort to be where they are now.

We want 100% committed students who are truly looking for an alternate income to supplement their daily household needs or just wanting to lead a more comfortable life.

If the above matches your concept of Online Income, then join us , for a sharing session , ( date and time are below) , where the trainers will share with you their E-commerce Journey and we will help to de-bunk any myths or rumors you know about E-commerce.

PS: Do catch E-Sales Mastery LIVE on Facebook too where we will host a Q&A session to help answer all of your questions !


Address:International Plaza, 10 Anson Road, #26-08A, S’pore 079903
Date:29 Sept 2016, Thursday
Time:7.45pm – 9.15pm

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